It is free to sign up and you will receive discounts on comics, toys, and other merchandise. New comics are released every Wednesday and will be placed immediately into your box until you arrive to pick them up. A mailing schedule can also be arranged if necessary (minimum of 5 issues in order to qualify for mailing).

     Your Box must be picked up at least one per month unless otherwise arranged. Please call if you are unable to come in. After 30 days your books may be removed from your box and sold. We will make every attempt to contact you before this happens.

Additions and Cancellations:

     Please let us know as soon as you would like to add or cancel a title. The order for new comics are placed 2 months prior to their arrival in store. So, we need at least 30 days notice to add or cancel a title or subscription. Previews are available every month to assist with new orders.

Discount System:

1-5 Titles: 5%

6-10 Titles: 10%

11-20 Titles: 15%

21 or More: 20%

     All subscribers receive 10% off all regular priced merchandise store-wide (excluding sale items).

To activate a Mail Order subscription:

Call Power Comics at (843)-347-3477

     Or simply Email with the subject line "Mail In Subscription". Include your Name, Address, Phone Number, Email, and also the delivery address. Also include the titles you would like to subscribe to.

     All DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, IDW, Image, Zenoscope, as well as any other title from any other publisher are available for subscription!